LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) : in situ analysis for the characterization of all materials…


A pulse laser is focalized on the surface of the analyzed material. A small amount of matter is vaporized and turned into a plasma by the energy of the laser. When the pulse stops, the plasma cools down and emits light characteristic of its composition. It can be correlated to the composition of the vaporised material.


Several nanograms of material are vaporized by laser ablation. The sensitivity of this technique allows the detection of trace elements. Furthermore,  the system is buit to be multi-purpose and portable. It makes LIBS a suitable technique to have information about the method of extraction of gold (modern or not), analyse pigments from paintings, search for elements of modern confection in metals and glazes materials, …  It can be used on all types of materials and can answer many question where composition in majors, minors and traces elements can be used to answer (authentification, provenance…)

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