Goals and means

Scientifically intervene on objects of art or cultural heritage, in addition to the stylistic approach of experts, actors in the art market or amateurs, or in collaboration with archaeologists, restorers and institutional organizations in charge of cultural heritage preservation.


Define analytical protocols and apply scientific procedures, in accordance with the rules of art, in order to properly answer to questions asked by various actors in charge of trade, knowledge or conservation of objects of art and cultural heritage.

It concerns:

  • the chronological evaluation of archaeological artifacts,
  • providing information leading to a better understanding of an object of art, an artist, a monument, a culture,
  • the condition report of objects from cultural heritage,
  • the knowledge of an object’s constituent materials in order to define the best strategy for restoration or conservation,


Our proper skills, issued from highly specialized academic training and from an extensive professional experience, associated with collaborations developed from a long time with renowned laboratories, to ensure an optimal quality of service.

Finally, these same skills are used in the development of scientific Research for the studies of objects of art and archaeological artifacts. For more information, you can follow our news.