Networks and Collaborations

Re.S.Artes now has a full service in situ object studies. The complementarity between our skills and our portable imaging and characterization equipment allow us to respond directly to many issues. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information…

Dr. Emmanuel Vartanian has been appointed Expert at the Court of Appeal of Bordeaux, a new mark of recognition of the skills and know-how of Re.S.Artes.

Drs Céline Roque and Emmanuel Vartanian are CAMARI, which allows Re.S.Artes to intervene on site to perform digital x-rays on artefacts and archaeological artifacts from excavations.

Re.S.Artes is a member of the GMPCA, the international network of laboratories specialized in scientific methods applied to the study of ancient materials.

Re.S.Artes is a member of REFRAIN: Francophone Radiocarbon Network: Analysis and InterpretatioN

Re.S.Artes is a member of the CAI-RN network
(Archaeological Interdisciplinary Competences – National Network) bringing together French researchers and experts in the field of applied sciences in archeology.

Re.S.Artes collaborates with the company ARKEOMAP for his studies in palynology and more generally in archaeobotany.

Re.S.Artes is the privileged partner of various archaeological services for chronological studies using carbon 14, thermoluminescence or OSL dating.

Re.S.Artes is involved in the training of future collection managers, in partnership with the University of Bordeaux 3, as part of the Master “Art and Cultural Mediation”.