Le regard de la Science sur les Arts et le patrimoine culturel



What kind of object, which aim, which method…

All types of objects of art or cultural heritage can be analyzed,

according to the following main criteria:

Wooden sculpture, ivory
textiles, carpet
bones, teeth
Authenticate the object
Date the
archaeological artifact
Carbon 14
with mass spectrometry
Terracotta, ceramic
from art market
Authenticate the objectThermoluminescence (TL),
In situ X-Ray Imaging /
CT Scan
Hearthstone, terracotta structure, ceramicDate the
archaeological artifact
Thermoluminescence (TL), Gamma spectrometry, ICP-MS
Copper alloy object
(bronze e.g..)
Authenticate the objectLead 210 dating, Microanalysis,
In situ X-Ray Imaging
Gold objectAuthenticate the objectMicroanalysis, Analysis of trace-elements (ICP-MS,PIXE), Helium dating
Stone sculpture
(sandstone, limestone, …)
Authenticate the objectMicroanalysis
Glass or enamel objectAuthenticate the objectMicroanalysis, PIXE, …
Plaster sculptureKnow the technique of making the object
Diagnose its state
of conservation
In situ X-Ray Imaging
PaintingKnow the artist technique
Authenticate the work 
Diagnose its state
of conservation
In situ scientific Imaging,
Carbon 14 dating, Microanalysis,
Infrared spectrometry, …
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